Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outfit Inspirations

Hello!! I hope everybody is having a good week! We had Fall Break yesterday and Monday so this is a short week for me!! On my agenda this week..  get ready for the trail run I am doing this Sunday with Adam.  I am really nervous about it.

It is a pretty drab day here.. really foggy and rainy.  So, I decided to brighten up my day with some fabulous outfit ideas.  Here goes..
I love the lace underneath these aviator jackets.  Of course, these are runway looks but you can find these pieces at affordable prices.

Here is a Free People lace shift dress that is more affordable.  I also just got a lace dress from target that was only $21.  I can't wait to wear it.. it's that cute green color that I love!

I like this aviator jacket from Express and it is fairly affordable at $148. 


This outfit from Free People goes along with the same idea but in a different way.  They paired a tough leather jacket with a floral skirt.  I love the way this looks. The high waisted maxi skirt with the jacket and the turquoise necklace.. perfection.

While I was browsing around for an outfit inspiration, I came across this top. I LOVE IT!!! Might have to start saving up for this one...

That's all for now!! I am thinking of doing a giveaway soon and there will be another tutorial coming up soon.. so check back!

Have a wonderful day all,
Letty :)

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