Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Trends: Faux Fur

Faux Fur is our trend for today!! This trend and I go waaaayyy back to when I was only 3 years old.  My daddy bought me a faux fur dalmation coat and matching muff.  I wore it EVERYWHERE.  Now, I hardly ever wear this look.  There are some really affordable options out there, though, that look really nice.  I also love the accessories that incorporate fur for the people like me who don't want to wear a fur coat.

I love this combination.  All morning, I have been trying to find this sweater on the ASOS web site because I would order this whole look.  The best thing about this fur cowl?  It's only $33.

I like the faux  fur vests that are everywhere, as long as they aren't too shaggy.  In my opinion, they look more chic when they are shorter.  I like this one by Michael Kors.

Faux Fur purses are a good way to incorporate the look if you don't want to go all out. 

I really like this clutch from Top Shop.  There is a more affordable one from Urban Outfitters that I like even more.  I think this would be the perfect amount to add if you want to ease into wearing faux fur.

As with the vests, I think faux fur coats look best in shorter hair varieties.  I really like this one from Top Shop.

This is a really affordable vest from Forever 21.  I like this.  I may buy a less expensive vest like this to try out the trend. 

I LOVE this vest.  I really like the color.. and it seems like it would be really soft.  I also like that it is longer.

Here is an example of a mix of leather and faux fur.  I love leather jackets anyway, the collar is an added bonus :)

I am crazy about this item.  This is a parka with a fur lining from Free People.  The awesome thing about this is, you can remove the lining and wear it as a vest.  Very Cool! 

I really like this vest.  It is not as overwhelming as some faux fur vests can be.  I also really like the shape and the way it falls. 

This is an example of the shearling that I mentioned yesterday.  It is everywhere.  I love these.  If they didn't look so much like a pair I already bought, I would think about buying them. :)

Shearling on a purse.  I want this.

This cuff, found on Etsy, has fur incorporated into it.  I love this.. so unique and beautiful.

I found this on Etsy.  This is a really cute faux fur purse with a chain strap.

I found this on Etsy as well.  Let your I Pad enjoy this trend too.  Too cute!

This is a very unique faux fur necklace I found on Etsy.  This would be another small way to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe.

That's all for today!! Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Up tomorrow.. Crazy for Camel. (hint: it's not the animal)
Letty :)

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