Monday, September 27, 2010

Trends: Military Inspired

Day 2 of my focus on fall trends will be about one of my personal favorites.. Military inspired pieces ( and no, it's not because my boyfriend is in the military) :) 

The stuff is everywhere and has been for a while.  This is not a new trend, but it is still going strong.  From cargo pants to camo-which I personally am not a huge fan of for fashion purposes.  I do, however, LOVE the military green color, the boots that we get from this inspiration and the jackets.  I also loveee the bags.  This trend really can easily be adopted by most.   Let me just go into examples.  Some of these I already own.. and the rest are on my wish list...

I have been looking at this backpack on Urban Outfitters for a while now.  I am waiting on it to go on sale. I love it!

I just bought these and can't wait to wear them! I got mine from DSW... but you can get them online.  There are alot of military inspired boots out there, but alot of them I am not a fan of because there are too many buckles for me.  I looove these though. 

I am not a huge fan of cargo pants, but these I like.  I think it is all about how you style them.

I already have 2 jackets in this style and color but mine dont have a belt.  I like that about this one.  One thing I love about these style jackets are the cool pockets.

This is a completely different take on the trend.  You can glam it up a little rather than going for the utilitarian look.

I love this shirt.  It could be worn like this, or unbuttoned with  another shirt underneath for something different (maybe a lace top or something striped or floral to shake things up a bit.)

This vest from J Crew is super cute.   I saw another version of this at Old Navy a while back  that was less expensive.  This one has shearling on the inside, which I love.  There is alot of shearling showing up this Fall.

I love this bag. Period. 

This sweater is precious.  I love the button detail on the shoulder.  I just bought a flowy top from Forever 21 in this same color with gold buttons on the shoulders like that.  Love it.

This jacket is a little on the expensive side.  I absolutely love it though.  It shows how cute these jackets look belted.  I am going to belt mine after finding this :)

I just found a a necklace similiar to this at a vintage shop. I love the gold coins.

I love the flowy, more girly take on the military shirts.  I threw this in to show that not everything has to be green! I just love that military green, so I am drawn to those items.

Military inspired items can also be found on Etsy.  Here are some of my favorites.

This bag is actually upcycled from military canvas. Neat!

My boyfriend gave me one of these ripcord bracelets a long time ago.  Super cool.

I absolutely love this. 

A girly version of the trend.  Too cute!

That's all for this trend!! There is something out there for everybody :)  Coming tom.. Faux Fur!
Have a wonderful day everybody!


  1. I would wear most of these. So cute!

  2. The ruffled scarf is lovely! I love military style!